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Lagerfeld Jackets

Karl Lagerfeld is the eccentric German fashion designer who has brought a sense of fun back to French fashion. When he's not working as the head designer for Chanel, he is creating edgy clothing for his own label. He began designing coats over 50 years ago, and he quickly earned a reputation for infusing his haute couture collections with casual looseness. He cheekily claimed to sew all of his clothes in a "K" silhouette. He is a talented photographer, which gives him insight into fit that other designers do not possess. His current designs are defined by their sleek lines and bright colours.

This season's Lagerfeld outerwear has the brand's signature severity. Lagerfeld is one of the few design houses not to soften the edges in its menswear as styles became more androgynous over the past few years. The new season collection of Lagerfeld jackets are relatively short, stopping at the hips. The sleeves of most of these pieces are as long as or longer than the bodies of the jackets and blazers. The jackets' simplicity is countered by their structure; without being stiff, a Lagerfeld jacket gives its wearer an air of austerity. The blazers have single rows of buttons and simple lapels, and the leather jackets do not have the extraneous accents and zippers that litter similar items by other designers. These jackets do not need unnecessary details to convey cutting-edge class.


Karl Lagerfeld is known for wearing dramatic black coats with military accents. Not all of his designs reflect this aspect of his personal style, but his distinctly German taste for sharp angles is always evident. His outerwear is not what one would think of as being typically modern, though it is not retro or strictly classic either. Karl Lagerfeld is in a league of his own, creating clothing that is futuristic yet elegant.



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Lagerfeld quilted Jacket Black
Lagerfeld quilted Jacket Black
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