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Antony Morato Polo Shirts


When the man of the house wants sportswear that plays up his masculinity while giving him a relaxed feel that looks great whether he's playing hard or just taking time off with friends, the Antony Morato brand is the one he should reach for. Since its founding in 2007 by brothers Tania, Giovanni and Lello Caldarelli.


Antony Morato has redefined the look and feel of men's designer sportswear, by offering an extensive line of clothing for men. Today this line also offers a full line of menswear, as well as a designer line of sunglasses, beachwear, and children's clothing. In all its designs, this brand's incredible eye for fashion with an understated sense of elegance is always very much in evidence.


Antony Morato designer sportwear offers a look that's crisp, clean, playful and euro influenced. It's a style that shows a man off at his masculine best even while adding in a major dose of schoolboy charm.

Antony Morato Polo Shirts are a key part of this designer sportswear line. From men's long-sleeved shirts in smooth two-tone neutrals, to sleek crew necks in bold combinations of colours with grey tones, these Polo Shirts have a major Italian influence that gives them an irresistible look and feel. These shirts are sleek, sporty and show an Italian designer edge. It all adds up to a whole lot of style for a man who likes to move and look good while he's doing it.

When he wants a Polo Shirt that will show off him at his sleekest, sportiest best while keeping him cool, relaxed and undeniably chic, Antony Morato offers the menswear he needs.


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