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Jeffery West Shoes

Jeffery West Shoes is a company deeply rooted in tradition and bound by a signature history. The company was born in Northampton from the skillful hands of Mark Jeffery and Guy West, two 16-year-old childhood friends who would take remnants from Jeffrey's father's shoe business, customize them, and sell the designs as their own. The pair set up shop in a hotel shed ran by West's parents and hired someone to cut out the patterns and do the clicking for the shoes. The two would take the patterns to Northampton, where the uppers would be stitched together in a closing room. Jeffery and West would then take the shoes back to the hotel to package them. 1987, following the sudden death of Jeffrey's father and consequential loss of the shoe factory, the duo formed Jeffery West, securing a bank loan with a 12-piece sample and a great deal of motivation and passion for handcrafting quality shoes.

The creative flair and eccentricity of the duo can be seen in features prominent throughout the collection, such as the cleft heels and red leather linings. The shoes defy the concept that men's shoes must bear a resemblance to the traditional Oxford or cookie-cutter Brogue. The flamboyant style of Jeffery West shoes are worn by the likes of such trendsetters such as Peter O'Tole, Richard Burton, Oliver Reed, and Roger Moore.


The new season collection of the unique Jeffery West men's shoes and brogues are now available for immediate purchase at Maze Clothing.


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