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Havaianas Footwear

Over the years, the Havaianas brand has built a reputation for crafting comfortable and fashionable footwear. You can check out the latest collection of Havaianas now at Maze Clothing. As the weather gets warmer, these Brazilian flip flops and espadrilles will keep you cool, relaxed, and looking good.

First produced in Brazil in 1962, they were based on Japanese rice straw flip flops called zori. Havaianas foot-beds are still textured with a rice straw pattern as a tribute to their Japanese roots. Unlike the zori, however these were made of rubber. The rubber material made for a sturdy flip flop that was also comfortable to wear. Havaianas were an instant hit, and local stores began selling thousands of the affordable flip flops. At the time, they were considered lower class footwear.


By the 1990s, celebrities were sporting Havaianas, helping to make them a flip flop that everyone could wear. Middle and upper class people across Brazil were now buying this exciting range of footwear, and the company became a national brand. The popularity of Havaianas footwear has continued to surge across the world. The brand's flip flops and espadrilles are a favourite among models and celebrities, and they can now be found on beaches and streets from the United States to Australia. The brand now sells over 160 million flip flops each year, and the brand continues to expand internationally. The new line of Havaianas flip flops and espadrilles is available at Maze Clothing. Buy yours today and find out why millions of people across the globe are crazy about them.


Now is a better time than ever to show off your feet. Havaianas' blend of comfort, style, and durability makes it no surprise that the footwear continues to spread beyond the borders of Brazil. Whether you are hitting the beach or sticking to the streets, these flip flops and espadrilles are always a smart choice.


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