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Original Penguin Bags

According to company lore, The Original Penguin clothing company began with a very strange day in the life of its founder, Abbot Pederson of the Munsingwear undergarment company. It involved a good amount of alcohol, the accidental decapitation of a taxidermied penguin named Pete, and an overly helpful airline stewardess back in 1955. This unusual combination somehow inspired Pederson to create a golf shirt sporting a little penguin logo that took the fashion industry by storm and was seen on the era's biggest celebrities, including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and golfing legend Arnold Palmer.

Just when it seemed everyone had forgotten these no-longer-in-production, mid-century Original Penguin shirts, "the 55," as Pederson's golf shirt came to be known, suddenly became extremely popular again in the year 2000, thanks to a vintage clothing revival. In 2003, Original Penguin resurrected its classic style, updated it, and began once again to produce highly sought-after clothing that's sold at some of the world's most exclusive luxury retailers. No longer just about shirts, Original Penguin also creates accessories like hats and bags that epitomize the brand's trademark casual cool.


Original Penguin bags are stylish and practical, perfect for carrying to work or taking on vacation. Straphangers and jet setters alike will appreciate their hip, vaguely retro vibe as well as their quality construction. Like the shirt that started it all, today's penguin bags look smart and confident, yet remarkably casual. Check out this season's newest penguin bags, now available at Maze Clothing.

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